I hope y’all HAD A fuckin sweet ass, TURKEY INTENSIVE Thanksgiving. I haven’t BEEN UPDATING THIS too much this MONTH, AND I’M sorry for that BUT SHIT HAS been busy. NO MATTER! WE HAVE a book to DISCUSS NEXT week. Our KICKASS readers for Never Let Me Go are gonna be:

Baby Friday:

GET pumped, y’all! ALSO, FEEL free to TALK ABOUT holiday shit BELOW. OR WHATEVER movies YOU SAW! OR whatever! Or go out and SUPPORT AMERICA by buying lots OF STUFF ON BLACK Friday!

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7 Responses to NEVER LET ME GO Week NEXT Week!

  1. dr. girlfriend says:

    i’m excited about our writers for this coming week!

  2. jwormyk says:

    I am also excited about the write ups. This book really left me feeling conflicted. I am hoping the discussion can help me process my feelings about this book.

  3. GradStudentsAreTheWorst says:

    I suppose I’m going to be perpetually a month behind on Bookgum. I’m nearly finished with Blood Meridian. I’ll start Never Let Me Go this upcoming week. (sad trombone noise)

    • Michelle says:

      I too am so behind with Blood Meridian, which is sad cause I started it when this club started. I renewed Blood Meridian 3 times, and left it there to finish (very hard) but decided to take a break and read Never Let Me Go in a week (very easy but a little painful). So… maybe I can finish Blood Meridian now? One more renewal left!

  4. ali888 says:

    Hey, everybuddy. I just wanted to say hi because I couldn’t read Blood Meridian, but I’m a regular Videogum reader and I’m looking forward to the Ishiguro posts. Huzzah!

  5. hotspur says:

    I am sprinting my way through Never Let Me Go right now. I really enjoy it. I have no idea what is going on though, so I might not read anything posted today because I don’t want whatever rash of surprises is in store for me to be spoilered away…

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