HELLO all! Just wanting to REMIND Y’ALL that next week, RIGHT HERE, in this VERY SMALL SECTION of the INTERTUBES, we are gonna be discussing Blood Meridian! GET PUMPED! Now because this is THE FIRST TIME we’ve LET THIS little experiment GET underway, I wanted to just LET Y’ALL know how this is GONNA go down!

So as y’all PROBABLY know, the first four days will EACH HAVE A write UP about the book IN SOME WAY. ON Friday, I will be posting A SORT OF wrap up/editor note/open FORUM to bring the DISCUSSION TO an end and open THE CHAMPAGNE. My week this NEXT week is kinda ging TO BE BUSY, but I’m going TO TRY AND have each post UP AROUND noon central TIME (GOD’S TIME).

Now, ONE FINAL thing. I am not GOING TO tell y’all HOW TO talk in the COMMENT SECTION, but it would be PRETTY great if WE COULD keep the discussion PRETTY focused towards WHATEVER the post is ABOUT. We have FIVE DAYS of discussion, AND WHILE I want the discussion to BE LIVELY and energetic, I don’t WANT US to WADE THROUGH every topic ALL at once and BURN OURSELVES out. If there’s SOMETHING YOU really wanna talk about NO ONE is getting at, THEN I ENCOURAGE you to wait UNTIL Friday. With that SAID, YOU can, obviously, TALK ABOUT whatever the HELL YOU want. I’m just saying.


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5 Responses to BLOOD MERIDIAN Week Starts NEXT WEEK!

  1. jwormyk says:

    Does anyone think that using a chat room would work better than commenting?

  2. No, you want this stuff to be accessible at all hours, not necessarily only in real-time like a chatroom. I’m correct in assuming that there are monsters across the pond, yes?

  3. caringiscool says:

    Yeah, it would be impossible to carry on any coherent discussion of anything with more than 5 people in the chatroom. Too much chatter and joking and stuff. This will work much better.

  4. dr. girlfriend says:

    central time: god’s time, indeed!

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