ANNOUNCING the Blood Meridian WRITERS And THOUGHTS ON Infinite Jest

HAPPY October y’all! I’m very, VERY, VERY fucking excited TO ANNOUNCE that I have chosen THE FOUR writers who WILL be leading DISCUSSIONS of Blood Meridian at the END OF the month:

Dr. Girlfriend:

They’ll EACH have a separate WRITE up that HOPEFULLY will act as something BOTH interesting TO READ and as a JUMPING off point for DISCUSSION. AS ALWAYS, any suggestions on HOW THE discussion SHOULD HAPPEN or whatever ARE always WELCOME. After the JUMP it’s time to TALK ABOUT some DFW.


THERE’S BEEN a lot of talk and discussion ABOUT WHAT to do with the BIG OL’ book in THE room: Infinite Jest. I have COME TO A decision. We ARE MOVING that crazy DOORSTOP to May through August (or June to Sept. let ME KNOW which works BEST FOR y’all, but IT’S ABOUT 3 months and SOME change). The goal IS TO spend THE SUMMER reading it. “WAIT, ISN’T THAT exactly LIKE” you ASK? Yes, it IS, and that is the IDEA. BUT AMERICA didn’t invent democracy, YOU know. We just TOOK THAT shit and made it fucking better THAN ever.

The plan IS too give us plenty of TIME TO read and, at the SAME TIME, have ongoing discussions CONCERNING the book. Hopefully, BECAUSE IT is summer, it’ll open THE FLOODGATES to larger numbers of PARTICIPANTS who wouldn’t be able to cram SUCH A BEASTLY BOOK in several MONTHS on top of THEIR FANCY, ELITIST schools. As such, I’M GOING to probably rely ON PAST Bookgum WRITERS to help WITH THE write ups for IJ. Thus, if you WANNA WRITE for Infinite Jest you’re going to NEED TO volunteer to WRITE for one of the OTHER BOOKS so that I can know you’re RESPONSIBLE and what not.

That then BRINGS US to the question of WHAT will be REPLACING it. Rather than JUST MOVING everything up, I’M GONNA slide a book that almost MADE the cut, and I REALLY want to read.

November’s Pick:
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
When We’ll Be Talking About It:
November 29-December3
I KNOW next to nothing about THIS BOOK, but as I’ve been told, THAT’S EXACTLY THE right amount you should KNOW BEFORE diving into THIS tale. I’ve heard ALL SORTS of various praise for THIS BOOK, including a suspiciously DECONTEXTUALIZED quote from Time calling it “THE NOVEL OF THE DECADE.” SO the hype is minimal, BASICALLY. Also, it’s ABOUT TO be a major motion PICTURE with Keira “SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OF THESE PERIOD PIECES” Knightley and Andrew “Likes: Spiderman movies” Garfield. So, WHATEVER that means! Maybe it MEANS you’ll LIKE IT. Either way, IT’S what we’re reading and it’s gonna BE GREAT.

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27 Responses to ANNOUNCING the Blood Meridian WRITERS And THOUGHTS ON Infinite Jest

  1. Duncan says:

    I endorse these decisions

  2. Patrick M says:

    I saw the girl on the cover and freaked out at first because I thought it was a female author, but then I was like, “Oh, OK, phew.”

  3. moonvest says:

    I absolutely loved Never Let Me Go, but I know a few people who have attempted it recently and just hated it. But based on the rest of the books we chose for the book club, I think it’ll be a hit.

    Also, I wish someone had warned me that Blood Meridian is basically Saw set in the 1850s. I’m only 100 pages in and there’s already so many dead babies…

    • I WOULDN’T say it’s Saw at all, as I THINK THAT robs it of a lot OF THE POINTS THE novel is trying to MAKE through its brutality. THAT’S a conversation FOR A FEW weeks FROM now, though.

      • Napoleon Complex says:

        I think moonvest meant was that it was the gore equivalent of Saw, which it basically is. Tree full of dead babies pierced through the skull [tiny spoiler alert]? THAT IS FUCKING HORRIFIC. JUST LIKE SAW. EXCEPT WITH MORE MORAL AND ARTISTIC WEIGHT. OBVZ.]

    • Slothdrop says:

      Whoops Im a plagiarist commentator, sorry Moonvest. Well we know that we both absolutely love Never Let Me Go I can’t plagiarize that sentiment.

  4. Slothdrop says:

    I absolutely love Never Let Me Go. I am excited to read it again and maybe be able to write about it. Also I could not be happier with the selection of writers who will be discussing Blood Meridian.

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  6. SeeYouNextTuesday says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I’m excited to discuss Blood Meridian with you guys. I’m a frustrated English major and I can’t thank you enough for starting this club.

  7. dr. girlfriend says:

    thanks for choosing me! i hope i can live up the challenge while attending my fancy, elitist school.
    i voted for “never let me go”. i’m graduating in may and IJ is my second favorite book of all time. basically, this post makes me happy!

  8. GradStudentsAreTheWorst says:

    Great! I just got Never Let Me Go, and was wondering when I’d fit it into my schedule what with Bookgum readings. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  9. Scotchka says:

    I’m only 2o pages or so into Blood Meridian, such a fun, light read! Seriously though, I appreciate An American Patriot for putting this together and forcing me to read things other than comic books. Thanks!

  10. I’d like to hereby volunteer to write about Infinite Jest. I did an Infinite Jest bookclub on my own blog two years ago, but it kind of lost steam midway through when DFW went and demapped himself.

    Anyway, I’m one of those jerks who’s read the book four times and I’ll write about another book before that, if you like.

  11. Stu says:

    Is this where we can volunteer to do write ups? Because I’m willing to do one for any of the books coming up. I was an English major for an entire semester and took BOTH World Lit class and even wrote papers analyzing some books! So I guess what I’m saying is that I have this book thing pretty well figured out if you need me.

    • ACTUALLY, if you could EMAIL ME that’d be easier, THAT WAY I have a way to CONTACT YOU if you’re chosen.

    • thenchrissysaid says:

      I was an English major for FOUR YEARS of college, but I’m actually intimidated to write about these books because the write-ups will be read by people I actually respect. (Eat my shorts, Professors! Cowabunga!)

  12. Napoleon Complex says:

    Not to brag or anything -a little to brag – but, like Infinite Jest doesn’t need THAT long a window [I read it in 2 weeks].

    Can’t we move it up? I want to discuss it while it’s still fresh in my mind!! #thisisallaboutmeobvz

    • dr. girlfriend says:

      srsly. get with IT, guys!
      (blood meridian, however, is killing me.)

      • thenchrissysaid says:

        It’s killing me in my HEART. Cormac McCarthy is a great writer but also a 😦 writer. Has he ever smiled?

    • jwormyk says:

      They only way you read Infinite Jest in two weeks is if you ignored the footnotes. I think you need a lot of time to really pick up what DFW is putting down in that book. There is no need to rush through it.

      • Napoleon Complex says:

        Duhviously I read the footnotes. Why would I not read the footnotes? Are you judging me?

        I’m actually just a fast reader and I enjoyed it a lot and I managed to read it so quickly because my computer was in the shop and I had nothing else to do. Thanks for the guess though.

  13. kate says:

    In efforts to be smart, I will attempt this.

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  15. hotspur says:

    I am excited about this and honored to have been saddled with this responsibility. Also a little nervous cuz I know I’m going to sound crazy pretentious.

    I’m about halfway through Blood Meridian right now — I was away for the past week and it was for all downtime and the aeroplane. Now I am back at my dead-end job and looking forward to lunch and then to going home. Because I have a mission.

  16. sinkfloridasink says:

    This is exciting! I’m excited!

  17. lilbobbytables says:

    I have not read Never Let Me Go, but I just saw the shit out of that movie. So while I have every intention of reading it, if I call the characters Carey or Kiera, know that I have failed you all.

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