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WOW, WELL that happened! A week ago, I was MAKING THE BACKGROUND border for this site and wondering to myself EXACTLY HOW many people I THOUGHT actually were going TO MAKE it through the book LET ALONE wax poetically about … Continue reading

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The Descent

by Dr. Girlfriend I cannot help but see a lot of parallels between Roberto Bolano’s 2666 and Blood Meridian: an abyssmal (couldn’t resist) desert chock-full of bodies, a detached detailing of violence, and a wholeheartedly negative view of humanity.  For … Continue reading

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“The judge smiled”: The Humor of Blood Meridian

by mans I.          How to Tell A Joke: “Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard.” George Bernard Shaw A joke is a strange and delicate thing.  For a joke to work, the punch-line must be both unexpected and inevitable.  A punch-line … Continue reading

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Mankind Gets Religion in Blood Meridian: How Mythology Brings Us Out of Savagery and Leaves Us Lost and In a Bad Way

by hotspur Hi you guys.  I’ll cite page numbers along the way to prove I am not totally making stuff up.  I have the 1992 Vintage edition.  As far as I can tell the page numbers are the same in … Continue reading

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Violence and War, Then and Now

Hey you guys!  Welcome to Bookgum, Blood Meridian edition.  I’ll be the first to present my book report to the class.  Stay tuned the rest of this week for discussions led by Hotspur, Mans, and Dr. Girlfriend.  Can we all … Continue reading

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HELLO all! Just wanting to REMIND Y’ALL that next week, RIGHT HERE, in this VERY SMALL SECTION of the INTERTUBES, we are gonna be discussing Blood Meridian! GET PUMPED! Now because this is THE FIRST TIME we’ve LET THIS little … Continue reading

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ANNOUNCING the Blood Meridian WRITERS And THOUGHTS ON Infinite Jest

HAPPY October y’all! I’m very, VERY, VERY fucking excited TO ANNOUNCE that I have chosen THE FOUR writers who WILL be leading DISCUSSIONS of Blood Meridian at the END OF the month: Shellbomber: Hotspur: Mans: Dr. Girlfriend: They’ll EACH have … Continue reading

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