HELLO monsters!

AS YOU may or may NOT BE aware, I HAVE been reading GRAVITY’S Rainbow (have you read IT? YOU should READ it! It’s GREAT! -Tony the Tiger), and while doing so, I THOUGHT “IT’D BE great to talk TO OTHER Monsters about books.” Apparently, I am NOT ALONE in this! So now WE HAVE Bookgum! Which, HOPEFULLY, will become a regular, MONTHLY gathering and exchange of THOUGHTS not unlike a juggalo meeting.

SO HOW will this GO down? I’m NOT COMPLETELY sure. In my MIND, I think WE SHOULD start with A BOOK a month (starting in OCTOBER), and THE LAST week of SAID MONTH is when WE DISCUSS the book. I would LOVE TO have a group of WRITERS, maybe rotating, WHO each will post THEIR thoughts on said BOOK and generate discussion. These could BE LITTLE, short ESSAYS or a serious of QUESTIONS/OBSERVATIONS to get the TALKING rolling. Thus, MAYBE there’s a post once A DAY for a week ABOUT DIFFERENT aspects of THE BOOK. I’d really LIKE THERE to be several people INVOLVED in the writing as DIFFERENT things always COME up and I (or another WRITER) may not BE able to CONTRIBUTE some week/month, and THIS WAY Bookgum wouldn’t DIE due to ONE person’s schedule. Obviously, THIS IS just a rough IDEA. If we feel MORE comfortable later on and have ENOUGH participation, MAYBE we could do a book CYCLE or something. Please LEAVE your comments/feelings ABOUT how this might HAPPEN below. If you’re INTERESTED in doing one OF THE write ups (or are A FAMOUS writer or SOME shit) please FEEL free to email ME (dm me ON TWITTER if you need IT).

I’d LIKE y’all to continue to LEAVE YOUR book suggestions ON THE previous POST. I’ll leave IT OPEN for suggestions FOR A week or so, and then I’ll CREATE A post where WE CAN vote on the ones WE WANT to read. The top 6 CAN THEN be made into our CURRENT list, and we’ll decide HOW to order them. WE DON’T wanna tackle something LIKE Infinite Jest right away, I think, so we’ll PROBABLY have an easy, INVITING read for the INAUGURAL entry.

Please LEAVE any comments YOU HAVE on how this might work HERE and suggestions IN THE other post. I’M REALLY hoping we can make THIS WORK, y’all. I think IT WOULD be a lot OF fun.

UPDATE: AGAIN, if you’re INTERESTED in writing, shoot me AN EMAIL, and we can DISCUSS it further. I’d LIKE THE writers to ROTATE at least somewhat IF POSSIBLE, so we’re always getting SOME DIFFERENT voices. Also, IF THERE’S ANYONE who knows how TO DRESS WordPress BLOGS up and would BE WILLING to dress THIS PLACE up (for FREE, mind you. I wish I COULD PAY you but I can’t, THOUGH YOU will get credit!) EMAIL me, and we CAN TALK ABOUT that too.

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20 Responses to READING JUST Got Real

  1. Cliff Chasm says:

    I’m interested in writing for your blog. However, I’ve had a lot of trouble with Gravity’s Rainbow, and I’m a slow reader. If this is not a problem, then.

  2. thelinsee says:

    I’d also be willing and interested in writing for the blog here.

  3. dr. girlfriend says:

    are we still considering both a fiction and non-fiction selection? i know some people (NOT ME!) can’t really get into fiction.

    • dr. girlfriend says:

      we could be required to read the nytimes’ #1 selection for each at the end of the year.

    • rb pir8munky says:

      I’m biliterate, so would love to do both! Just no math books, please.

    • THE THING is, I think that might BE A GOOD idea, but not OFF THE bat, you know? I don’t WANT TO SPLIT the group of PEOPLE BEING involved, at LEAST NOT during the INITIAL Oceanic 6. I THINK IF we eventually SEE THERE’S enough people TO DO that then we CAN.

      THIS ISN’T to say that nonfiction SHOULD BE excluded FROM BEING suggested. I don’t READ A lot of nonfiction, myself, but THE BEST BOOK clubs, I feel, are THE ONES where you READ SOMETHING you might not HAVE READ on your own. Even IF YOU DON’T like it, you now HAVE A group with WHICH to engage those DISLIKES.

  4. Silvio says:

    Never had the mental balls to fight my way through Gravity’s Rainbow the last time I tried, but since you brought it up I’m gonna give it another go.. especially since I managed to finish said book Infinite Jest and loved it (those hard as fuck ones are SOMEtimes the most rewarding amirite?). Either way I think this idea is rad.. looking forward to at least lurking if not actually participating.

    P.S. one quick idea off the top of my head would be 2666 by Roberto Bolano
    I’ve been wanting to give that one a go.
    If An American Patriot has dreams of one day being the new Oprah, though, I’m cool with uh.. East of Eden or whatever (jokes).

  5. GradStudentsAreTheWorst says:

    I wish I could contribute, but I doubt I’ll have the time or patience. I do look forward to following along! Thanks, anamericanpatriot, for putting this together.

  6. Jim says:

    I would also like to write here…if still possible

  7. g’s r was a monster of a book. i suggest anything by cormac mccarthy, but whatev works for me.

  8. Tooch says:

    I have Gravity’s Rainbow on my night stand. I wanted to get through it this summer, but it didn’t happen. I have two close friends, both brilliant, who struggled with GR, so that hasn’t helped much. Anyway, I’m hoping this blog will serve as encouragement to get myself into the book. Thanks for starting it!

  9. longom says:

    I really like the idea of bookgum, mostly because I like to read, and I rarely feel like I have an outlet to turn to for really good recommendations.

    I like the idea of a book a month that people can really get into and discuss, but any thoughts on also having like a running list of other recommended reading, with a brief sort of post/synopsis/etc by whoever is recommending it, and maybe the opportunity to comment on these posts with other recommendations or other thoughts, (if you like this you should check out this, etc). People could post books as they read them, I think it would be a nice resource to have in addition to monthly group book. Maybe?

  10. ElectricKoala says:

    I don’t know how to make WordPress pretty YET, but I am learning, if no one take cares of it by the time I figure it out, I will totally do it!

  11. Duncan says:

    If any of you bibliophiles have a goodreads account then add me up

  12. Lauren says:

    I would love to write, but I might not pass the test because I can’t seem to figure out how to email Mr. Patriot, nor will Twitter let me DM him. I guess I just fail at teh internetz.

    Do we only have to read serious books, because I am currently halfway through Julie Klausner’s I Don’t Care About Your Band, and it’s filled with LOLs. Plus, it’s very RelevantGum, no?

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